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  • Welcoming Atmosphere

    This place is wonderful. I was really out of my comfort zone joining a gym like this. I am not a gym goer but I needed to improve my health. This place is different. They make you feel welcome regardless of the shape you’re  in, your fitnes...

    Ryan M

    1 year(s) at LyonHeart Fitness

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    Here are just a few of the reasons I love LyonHeart Fitness. Dave and his coaches make everyone feel at home. No matter what shape or condition you're in when you walk through their doors, they have the expertise, knowledge and coaching skills to help you...

    Stacy S.

    2,5 year(s) at LyonHeart Fitness

  • See Results

    I've been going to LyonHeart for 4 months now and made amazing progress.  The coaches are great and the programming is perfect.  They know what they're doing here.  Can't recommend this place enough....

    Ben F

    0.7 year(s) at LyonHeart Fitness

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